Important Notes

  1. Adaab Al-Basrah Journal is an academic, scientific and refereed journal concerned which publishes research and studies in the fields of Arabic language and literature, English language and literature, translation between Arabic and English, history, geography, information, knowledge techniques and philosophy.
  2. Research submitted for publication in the journal is subject to evaluation by three confidential experts, and the result of the research is (acceptable for publication) when two of the three experts evaluate it positively
  3. The researcher is asked to make the amendments and corrections to the research as marked by the journal’s experts, and the researcher is provided with a formal letter to the effect of “Accepted for publication” after the approval of the concerned editorial board member that the researcher has completed the required amendments.
  4. Adaab Al-Basrah Journal is an academic and scientific journal issued by the College of Arts at the University of Basra and the College of Arts is the holder of all rights. The journal retains the rights to print research and studies published in it for a full year from the date of publication, and the researcher may not dispose of the research or study during the mentioned period and reprinting in any way.
  5. Research evaluation fees are (50) thousand Iraqi dinars for researchers from inside Iraq. Additional (10) thousand Iraqi dinars are added to it for research from outside Iraq.
  6. After the research obtains a positive evaluation result, the researcher from inside Iraq pays (75) thousand dinars as wages for publishing the research, and additional (10) thousand ID are added to the research from outside Iraq.
  7. All papers accepted for publication are published in electronic form on the journal’s website and in paper form. The researcher can obtain one free hard copy of the magazine, and if he wants to obtain a second copy, he must pay an amount of (10) thousand Iraqi dinars.
  8. The journal retains its full rights in the event the researcher commits irresponsible behavior that intersects with the ethics of scientific research and publication, including plagiarism. The journal has the right to take all measures and precautions to ensure the journal’s sobriety. The ethics of publishing in Arabic and English can be observed on the magazine’s website.
  9. The journal has a data repository for saving research drafts for each author, the application form, declaration form, plagiarism reports, referees’ letters, acceptance or refusal letters, etc.

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