Publication Regulations

  • The research has to be original and has not been published either as a paper or electronic version in any other journals or conference sessions.
  • The research title and the author’s name should be written in two languages Arabic and English.
  • 200-word abstracts in Arabic and English need to introduce the research in addition to providing research keywords in Arabic and English.
  • The in-text citations, reference lists/bibliography citations, and any other margin notes added are required to be written in APA documentation style.
  • The journal regulations and terms approve the publication of research papers extracted from exclusively unexamined dissertations and theses, and the researcher is required to hold to this term.
  • The translated research papers are also allowed to be published in the Journal of College of Arts, provided of obtaining the publication approval from the original published journal or author.
  • As for the potential conflicts of interest, the author should write at the end of their manuscripts ‘The Author(s) declare(s) that there is no conflict of interest’.
  • In Iraq, the proofreading/reviewing fees are 50,000 ID, and on publication approval, the author is required to pay the publication fees 75,000 ID.
  • Out of Iraq, the proofreading/reviewing fees are $75, and on publication approval, the author is required to pay the publication fees $75.
  • The research page number should not exceed 25 pages. In case it exceeded this limit, additional publication fees needed to be paid to the publisher. The publisher is also entitled to publish the allowed limit of page number of that research paper.
  • The research paper should be sent to the publisher as a word document, especially if it includes tables, figures and graphs in order to facilitate the formatting process.
  • Each research paper is to be confidentially proofread/reviewed by three specialized and well-experienced proof-readers/reviewers.
  • The journal administration is committed to officially notify the author about the approval of research publication either with or without the corrections and modifications recommended by the proof-readers. The researchers would also be officially notified in case of publication disapproval by presenting an overt explanation of research being disapproved.
  • The journal administration is ethically committed keep to the contents of the research papers to be published highly confidential.
  • The research paper is published in accordance with a specific publication sequence followed by journal publishing standards apart from the scientific significance of the research paper.
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